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We are able to perform duct leakage to the outside tests for homes that have a large percentage of their duct work in conditioned spaces. These ducts are generally inaccessible and may not be able to be sealed from leaks. For these tests Blue Line Energy Solutions utilizes the Minneapolis Blower Door so you can be sure your testing results are accurate.

Photo from The Energy Conservatory www.energyconservatory.com

Refrigerant Charge Verification

Improperly charged AC units can account for higher utility bills and can significantly reduce the homes comfort and can decrease the life span of your cooling system. Title 24 requires every new Air Conditioning install or major AC component replacement be checked for proper refrigerant charge. Blue Line Energy Solutions will verify that your contractor has charged your system to the equipment manufacturers specifications

Photo from The Energy Conservatory www.energyconservatory.com

Airflow Verification

We are able to obtain airflow readings using all CA Title 24 recognized methods and can accommodate testing in almost any situation. 

DUCT Leakage Testing

Need Duct Testing in the Sacramento Valley?

Blue Line Energy Solutions provides residential and light commercial duct leakage testing using Minneapolis Duct Blaster equipment. All of our tests are performed to the current 2016 CA Title 24 requirements.